Recent Happenings

Congratulations to the following Tanacross Inc. shareholders who were elected in the 2021 board elections; Liz Webb, Michael Thomas, and Sherry Sparks.   

2021 Election Results

Liz Webb 10,340.05

Michael Thomas 4,451.22

Sherry Sparks 2,984.16

Jennifer Probert 2,276.00


Tanacross Inc. Board of Directors:

Bob Brean (Term Ends 2020) – President

Coe Arnold (Term Ends 2022) – Vice President

Liz Webb (Term Ends 2021) – Secretary

Brian Sanford (Term Ends 2021)

Kirby Thomas (Term Ends 2020)

Ray Sanford (Term Ends 2020)

John Isaac (Term Ends 2022)

Sherry Sparks (Term Ends 2021)

Chris Denny (Term Ends 2022)